Philanthropic Activities

Guardian of the Surf

Guardians of the Surf are generous individuals who support Surf Life Saving by giving a monthly donation. Ongoing support from our Guardians ensures that volunteer surf lifesavers have the equipment and training they need to keep beachgoers safe and assists us to plan for the future. This year we are pleased to have recorded 21,975 Guardians of the Surf.

In addition to our regular giving program, the Foundation frequently activates fundraising appeals throughout the year. This year’s effort to acquire new donors proved very successful, with the Foundation welcoming more than 18,600 new donors to the Foundation, helping to contribute over $12 million to the cause.

Philanthropic activities - New Donors

Our donors never cease to amaze; this year saw an increase in the average gift across all national appeal campaigns that led to an increase in funds raised.

Philanthropic activities - Lead Supporters

This year a seasonal newsletter was introduced. This communication keeps our donors connected to the movement by featuring stories of brave rescues and the selfless efforts of our dedicated volunteers. It is a fantastic way to share with our donors how their generosity supports our cause.

Samantha, Dominic and their two daughters, Charley and Josephine, know firsthand the personal value of the funding that allows vital programs and services to be delivered.


Samantha’s Story

Surf Life Saving - Samantha's Story

Our donors are helping to fund vital programs and services that allow Surf Life Saving to continue its crucial community service now and into the future.

What motivates our supporters to give to Surf Life Saving

“10,879 rescues last year. It says it all. Great Job.”

Mr David A, NSW

“I was rescued as a teenager. I still see the great work you do. I especially appreciate the volunteer hours.”

Mr Daniel S, QLD

“Not only because of the lives you save and the help you offer, but also because you bring youth into a position of responsibility and train them to be of service to the community.”

Mrs Kathryn S, NSW

“A great community organisation that encourages people, particularly children, to use Australia’s beaches safely.”

Mrs Kay C, SA

“I received a text message from one of the men we rescued that read: Hey Sophie, thank you for your help. You guys saved my friend’s life. He’s awake and moving normally now. Can you please thank everyone for me? Promise to keep doing what you’re doing?”

Sophie Rothery, volunteer surf lifesaver, Whale Beach Surf Life Saving Club


Surf Life Saving keeps friends and family safe when they’re at the beach. When an individual chooses Surf Life Saving as a beneficiary of their estate, it means they are helping to save the lives of many people for generations to come.

Our ‘Circle of Friends’ bequest program grew to 535 members nationally.

Philanthropic activities - Circle of friends

Many of those who wish to leave a gift in their Will continue to request that their gifts be directed to a specific area of interest; be it equipment, training or priority projects. It is encouraging to see the increased level of engagement.

The ‘10,000 Club’ program provides a means for Surf Life Saving Club members to leave a gift in their Will to their own club. The program enables surf lifesavers to help protect the future of their club and there is a goal to reach 10,000 club members nationally.

Cecilia’s Story

Cecilia's Story